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Carrickatane, County Tyrone


perhaps Ir. Carraig an tSéin ‘rock of the good luck/prosperity’ or Ir. Carraig an tSiáin 'rock of the fairy mound/foxglove'


The first element in this place-name carraig ‘rock, large prominent stone’ is usually anglicised carrick or carrig.and it probably refers to a standing stone in the townland which is now gone (NISMR).



Turning to the second element, and following McKay's (2007, 2) discussion of Aghintain (Achadh an tSéin ‘field of the good luck/prosperity’) in the parish of Clogher, we might suggest Carraig an tSéin ‘rock of the good luck/prosperity’, and perhaps some local tradition associated with the stone.


We might also consider sián which can mean either'fairy mound' or 'foxglove', and an original form Carraig an tSiáin 'rock of the fairy mound/foxglove', as appears in the form assigned to John O'Donovan. [explain tS mutation]


The form Carraig an tSiáin 'rock of the fairy mound' appears as Carrickateane in Co. Leitrim (


FK (2020)

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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Carrigetian1621CPR Jas I 511b
Carrigitian1621CPR Jas I 503a
Cargetyan1655cCiv. Surv. p.396
Carrigattein1666HMR Tyr. (2) 258
Carraicatain ""the rocky burn""1830cOgilby, A. C23
Carraig a tsiadhain ""rock of the digitalis"" (Sr Jn1830cLand agent (OSNB) C23
Carrickatane1830cOSNB: gen. sources C23
Carrickatane (Sr Jn Burgoyne)1830cLand agent (OSNB) C23
Carraig a tsiadhain ""rock of the digitalis""1833cJ O'D (OSNB) C23
Carickatain,Lord Abercorn1836OSM v 91
carraig a t-siain - Rock of the foxglove1920cTNCT 64
Strabane Lower
Parish in 1851
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