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Cavanaleck, County Fermanagh


Ir. Cabhán na Leice “round hill of the rocky surface”


Cavanaleck is situated approximately one mile south-west of Fivemiletown, on the border with the parish of Clogher in Co. Tyrone.

The first element of the place-name is cabhán which can mean either a hollow or a round hill (see Cavanagarvan above).  Given that there is a substantial hill in the townland, in this case “round hill” seems the more appropriate interpretation.  The final element is leac which can refer to a flagstone, to a large flat rock, or to a flat rocky surface (Joyce i 416).  In this case there is no evidence of any of these features but there was formerly a quarry in the townland (NISMR sh. 113) which provides evidence of the rocky nature of the terrain.  “Rocky surface” may therefore be the most satisfactory interpretation.


(info. from McKay, P. (2004): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 8 p. 39)

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Carrinaleckiee1622CPR Jas I 541b
Caranalesse, Dromroe est pcell'' tat'' de1630Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $15 Car.I
Carnualasse cognit''est etia p nomina de Carrangarw1630Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $15 Car.I
Carrownlegg, Agheherish &1630Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $30 Car.I
Covlaght, Glassmullagh &1639Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $48 Car.I
Cavanalecke1657c B113
Cavancelle1662Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $3 Car.II
Caveneleck or Cavanaleck1666ASE 100 a $3
(?)Kewleary (E of r. = Colebrooke, M~S~)1672cHib. Del. Fermanagh
Cavanelecke (E of r. = Colebrooke, M~S~)1672cHib. Del. Fermanagh
Canalecke[?]1680BSD (Ó Maolagáin) 526
(?)Cavanalack1747Reg. Free. Fer. 22
(?)Cavanaleck1747Reg. Free. Fer. 5,8
(?)Cavanaleck1748Reg. Free. Fer. 5,9
(?)Cavanaleck1751Reg. Free. Fer. 6
(?)Cavanalick1751Reg. Free. Fer. 1
(?)Cavanaleck1753Reg. Free. Fer. 7
(?)Cavanaleck1759Reg. Free. Fer. 7
(?)Cavanaleck1761Reg. Free. Fer. 22
(?)Cavanaleck1767Reg. Free. Fer. 8
(?)Cavanleck1767Reg. Free. Fer. 11
Cavanalack1817GJM M'stephana (OSNB) B113
Cavanaleck1824HC Sur.& Val.(OSNB) B113
Cavanaleck1826HC Ed. Rept (OSNB) B113
Cavanaleck1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) B113
Cavanaleck1834cOSNB Inf. B113
~Cabhan na Leice ""hill of the flag stone""1834cDonnell Maguire (OSNB) B113
Cavanaleck1862Griffith's Val.
""the hill of the flagstone or stony surface""1869Joyce i 401
Parish in 1851
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