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Aghacramphill, County Fermanagh


 Ir. Achadh Creamhchoille 'field of the wild-garlic wood'


This townland is situated in the far north of the parish and is roughly equidistant from Fivemiletown and the hamlet of Cooneen.

There is no reason to disagree with the previous interpretation of Aghacramphill as Achadh Creamhchoille “field of the wild-garlic wood”. The word achadh is now virtually obsolete in the Irish language.  However, it is still the common word for a field in Scottish Gaelic (Dwelly sv.).

Creamhchoill “wild-garlic wood” is not uncommon in Irish place-names.  In this case it has been anglicised as –cramphill but it can also take the forms Crawhill, Craffield, Crankill and Cranfield (Joyce ii 348).   The apparently unlikely anglicisation of Creamhchoill as Cranfield is exemplified in the name of a parish in Co Antrim (PNI iv 10) and of a townland in Co Down (PNI iii 34).

The final ­–y of forms Aghnecrowelley (1630) and Aghnecrawly (1640) appears to reflect the genitive final –e  of creamhchoille in the original Irish form of the place-name, a sound which has long fallen out of use.


(info. from McKay, P. (2004): Place-Names of Northern Ireland vol. 8 p. 11)

Additional Information

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Aghnecrowelley, hamlet'' de1630Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $12 Car.I
Aghawkrawkill1639Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $41 Car.I
Aghnecrawly1640Inq. Ult. (Fermanagh) $50 Car.I
Aghakrawill1657c B113
Achacramfield1659cCensus 1659 108
Aghakrawill1661BSDc 34
Achichamfill (tate, claimed by R Netterville)1662cCourt of Claims $412
Aghakrawill1666ASE 100 a 3
Aha-cra-will (E of r. = Colebrooke, M~S~)1672cHib. Del. Fermanagh
Aghacrkravill1680BSD (Ó Maolagáin) 525
Aghacrawfhill1817GJM M'stephana (OSNB) B113
Aughacramphill1824HC Sur.& Val.(OSNB) B113
Aghacramfill1830cMr Buck's Letter (OSNB) B113
Aghacramphill1830cBnd. Sur. (OSNB) B113
~Achadh Creamh-choill ""field of the wood of wild garlic""1834cDonnell Maguire (OSNB) B113
Aghacramphill1862Griffith's Val.
~Achadh-creamh-choille ""the field of the wild-garlic""1913Joyce iii 27
Parish in 1851
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