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Banagher Parish, County Derry


Ir. Beannchar [banagher] ‘place of peaks’.


District is 3.5km SSW of Dungiven

bar: Keenaght

This is the traditional interpretation of the place-name. However, it is possible that the name could refer to a palisaded enclosure around a monastic settlement (see Bangor). The ruins of the 12th-century BANAGHER OLD CHURCH are in a graveyard in the townland of MAGERAMORE and may mark the site of an early church. A portion of the parish of Banagher is in the neighbouring barony of TIRKEERAN [Benchor 1397].


Additional Information

in td Magheramore/Carnanbane

Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Bencarre1306cEccles. Tax. (CDI) 215
Bangoria1397McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 35
Bangoria1397Colton Vis. 80,85
Bangoria1397Colton Vis. 85
Benchor1397Colton Vis. 35,36,38,40-42,
Benchor1397Colton Vis. 54,58
de Pengorio1401Cal. Papal Letters v 421
Bendcor1414Annates Ulst. 213
Bendcor, vicarage of1414Cal. Papal Letters vi 431
Beanchar1419Cal. Papal Letters vii 103
Beanchar, rectory of S. Muriani (? or Mirani) of1419Annates Ulst. 215
(?)Bentur, par. ecclesie de1431Annates Ulst. 194
Beandchor1462Cal. Papal Letters xi 468
Bentor1466Cal. Papal Letters xii 516
Bentor, par. ecclesie de1470Annates Ulst. 200
Banagher1477cReg. Sixt. IV (Annates)
Bengor, par. ecclesie de1500Annates Ulst. 206
Bannachur1570?Bishop. Der. ii 509 $456
Banahcor1609-Bishop. Der. i 79
Bannochar (St Moresy)1609cBp Montgomery Sur. (SAM 17) 50
Bannachor1610Bishop. Der. i 58
Bonacher1613Charter of Londonderry 65
Bannachar1615Bishop. Der. i 110
Bannachor1615Bishop. Der. i 104
Bannachor1615CPR Jas I 279b
Bannaoher1615CPR Jas I 280a
Bannagher1616Inq. Ult. (Derry) $5 Jac. I
Bannaghcarr1617cBishop. Der. i 129
Bannachor1618CPR Jas I 378b
Bonnachor1618CPR Jas I 378a
Banahes1622Phillips MSS (Maps) 162
Bannachor1634Bishop. Der. ii 339 $428
Naloske, half quarter of Bannachor1634Bishop. Der. ii 339 $428
Tinan, half quarter of Bannachor1634Bishop. Der. ii 339 $428
Bannachar1634cBishop. Der. i 188
Bannacher1634cBishop. Der. i 188
Bannacher1640cBishop. Der. i 232,233
Ballewootter1654Civ. Surv. iii 236,237
Balliwooter1654Civ. Surv. iii 238
Banagher1654Civ. Surv. iii 220,231
Bannacher1654Civ. Surv. iii 209
Bannagher1654Civ. Surv. iii 197
Bannagher1654Civ. Surv. iii 220,236-238
Bannogher1654Civ. Surv. iii 207,210
Bannogherr1654Civ. Surv. iii 215
Claggan alias1654Civ. Surv. iii 237
Ye Claggan1654Civ. Surv. iii 237
alias Claggon (?)1654Civ. Surv. iii 236,238
Bonachar1657Bishop. Der. i 269
(?)Clogan Ballywooter1659cCensus 1659 132
Bannagher1659cCensus 1659 132
Banacher1661Bishop. Der. i 334
Banougher1661Bishop. Der. i 328
Banagher1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 55
Claggan1663HMR (Ò Doibhlin 2) 55
Bannochar1666Bishop. Der. i 404
Bannagher1668Bishop. Der. i 415
Bannacher1669Bishop. Der. i 425
Bawnagher1669Bishop. Der. i 424
Bannagher, rectory1671Bishop. Der. ii 1 $206
Banacher1672cHib. Del. Co.Londondery
~Beannchor1675cTop. Frag. 84
Bannogher1678Bishop. Der. ii 38 $242
Beannchor (Sti Murani sive Muiredhuih)1680cTop. Frag. 84
~Bencair1680cTop. Frag. 69
Boneghar1692Bishop. Der. ii 134 $298
~Beannchair ""gables"" or ""hills with steep faces re1821OSM xxx 22
Raspberry Hill - is named by the person residing i1827OSNB 93 C16
~>""having many pointed mountain tops in view""1830OSNB Inf. D3 pt.2
~Banagher (Parish)1830OSNB 93 D3 no.3
~Beannchair ""a pointed hill""1830J O'D (OSNB) 93 D2 no.4
~Beannchar>1830OSNB Inf. D3 pt.2
Banchor ""the white district or neighbourhood"" or ""1835cOSM xxx 36
Benchor ""the high mountain district""1835cOSM xxx 36
Beanncor Ulad1839?McSkim. Carrick.(1839) 35
~Beannchar or beannchor...sig. horns or pointed hills''1869Joyce i 385
~Beannthar ""The place of the pointed hills, or peaks''1925Munn's Notes 72
~Rugh-chraobh ""The rue-tree, or branch""1925Munn's Notes 120
Beannchar "" staked/wattled fence""1999Cel. Ulst. Tds 20
~Beannchar ""place of peaks""1999Dict. Ulst. PN 19
Beannchair ""bins"xxx 36OSM
Parish in 1851
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