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Derrytresk, County Tyrone


Ir. Doire Treasc 'oakwood of the grainy land'


Derrytresk is a large townland (1020 acres) which lies on the north side of the Blackwater, west of Derryloughan and two miles south-east of Coalisland. The main area of Derrytresk is a low hill on the north bank of the Torrent river, a part canalised as the Coalisland Canal. The spelling Dirritrask in 1609 indicates an original Doire Treasc. The second element is undoubtedly early Irish tresc, which dictionaries explain as 'refuse, leavings, lees'; or 'chaff. brewer's grains, hogwash'. Joyce translated this name as referring to 'brewer's grain' since the word often means 'leavings after brewing'. However, the element occurs in a number of place-names, and in place-names it probably refers to some aspect of the land. Derrytresk is the home of traditional singer Sarah Ann O'Neill.

Derrytresk contains subdivisons called Derryvaren. Derryavena, Derrynakiltena, Derrynaheskella in the west, and Reenaderry in the north, as well as Brullagh Bog in the east, bounded by the Furlough river.


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Historical name form

Old FormRef. DateReference
Dirritrask1609Esch. Co. Map 5.26
Derriresk td1655cCiv. Surv. 249
Derririske1664""HMR Tyr. (1) 10
~Doire Triosca/Oak wood of the malt grains1835J O'D (OSNB) 20
~Doire-Triosca1913Joyce 111 303
~Doire Triosca ""grove of the brewer''s grains"" poss1936TNCT 46
Dungannon Middle
Parish in 1851
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